alicia (ah-lee-see-ah)
female, 23
vampire probably
imagine me as saber shitposting online.

my twitter is hobby-centric with occasional real life mumblings and frequent azur lane screenshots. i tweet about animanga, collecting, visual novels, and retweet lots of cute girls too. i also enjoy yuri, nurses, eroge/ecchi/R18, idols, and magical girls.

alice baskerville has been my wife since 2009! i'm super in love with her. my most adored danganronpa character is tsumiki mikan and i'm a producer of jougasaki rika. i'm often caught fawning over and associating with tohsaka rin. i hoard shipgirls in my free time.

i've been in a relationship with my girlfriend since 7.01.15! she's very cute.

here and here for my face, lol.